[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen Reports Module

George Tuttle gtuttle at prlib.org
Mon Mar 1 16:05:33 EST 2010

A repository of reports sounds good as long as it didn't end up a dumping
ground of good templates mixed with bad, especially those bad templates that
look good.

Testing reports and documenting their accuracy is highly time-consuming. I
hate creating new reports because the next thing I have to do is create a
2nd report to verify the accuracy of the 1st report. 

And speaking of populating copy buckets -- though I can import notepad files
of barcodes into Evergreen, files larger than a 100 barcodes tend to result
in "white screening" and Staff/Client slows to a crawl. We need a status
conversion interface so we could set when missing items get converted to
discard/weed and set schedules when certain statuses get converted
automatically. Missing and Overdue Transits, especially. But old In Process
and Damaged items too

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> If changes were to be made in Reports, what changes would you like to see?

First, I'd like to see a UI for exporting/importing report templates
across Evergreen installations (and have it catch whether a report
depends on a reporter extension which may not exist in the importing
installation).  Later, it may even be desirable to have the UI tap
directly into a community repository of such reports.

I'd also like to see reports be able to directly populate copy and/or
record buckets (going in the other direction is possible now, but
could probably be made easier).

I'd like to be able to configure a run-time limit for reports (for
example, if a report runs for over an hour, automatically kill it).

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