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Thomas Berezansky tsbere at mvlc.org
Sat Mar 27 14:42:40 EDT 2010

On the holds thing, the general idea is that:

You place a hold (request) on an item.

Technically, you have a place in the list, but that place may not have  
any indication as to when you get the item, as "first come" is not  
"first served".

For example:

Patron A places a hold on a book on Tuesday to be picked up at library B
Patron C places a hold on the same book on Wednesday to be picked up  
at library D.

Assuming there is only one book that can fill the holds, and it was  
out when both were placed, and there are no other holds on the book:

If the book is checked in on Thursday at library D I believe patron C  
will get the book before patron A, even though patron A came first.

It gets a lot more complicated than that, though.

Thomas Berezansky
Merrimack Valley Library Consortium

Quoting David Marien <davidmarien at freenet.de>:

> Hello everybody,
> this is hopefully the right place for my questions.
> I am working on the german translation of Evergreen in launchpad
> Therefore I need an explanation of a term that is used in your App.
> What is meant by bookbag? It´s wider meaning is not clear for me in this
> context.
> Is it a kind of category? (all books of cars, stamps etc)
> Is it a kind of personalization? ( all books of Jim, Sam etc)
> Is it something, I did not thougt about?
> For non-native speakers it is sometimes hard to translate such kind of
> metaphors.
> Another problem is this textpassage:
>> Holds lists are not as simple as'first come, first served.' A complex
>> matrix combining
>> consideration of item ownership, patron home library, and item
>> purchase date determines priorities for holds; the list is dynamic,
>> changing with every hold placed. Therefore, any indication of a place
>> in the
>> holds list would be inaccurate. The holds system is designed to
>> obtain a requested item in the fastest and most efficient way
>> possible. Your library will contact you when you hold items become
>> available.
> I will explain it in my words. Please correct me if I am wrong.
> Holds lists  are lists that allow you to administrate an inventory of a
> libary. If a new "group" of books (holds) was added, this list is
> changing. A complex  matrix in combination with some properties e. g.
> ownership, patron home libary or purchaise date allow you to define
> priorities for the holds. So this offers a fast and efficient way.
> That´s what I understood
> it could be that I have to mail you a second time because I found
> something I did not understand.
> Thank you for your help.
> David Marien.

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