[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] A Couple of questions

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Thanks to everyone.  The copyright date was right in front of my nose ... I
just couldn't see the bushes for the trees.
The second answer I will forward to my tech person.  Mary

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Hello Mary,

Not sure about #1, but for #2:

For script-based circ, see here:

For in-db based circ, wait for

13 words, how did I do?  :)

To say it in more words, the in-db version of this functionality was
recently patched into 1.6.0 for incorporation into the next release.  You
can see the patches here:
and here:

The patch is pretty simple if you or someone on your staff wishes to apply

Good luck,

Daniel Wells, Library Programmer Analyst dbw2 at calvin.edu
Hekman Library at Calvin College

>>> On 3/29/2010 at 10:00 AM, <scrlheadlib at mts.net> wrote:
> 1.	 I'd like limit one of my reports by copyright date but I can't seem
> to find the source code for that (strange I know).  Could someone please
> tell me where to find it?
> 2.	We're obviously missing something in our permissions because our
> version ( is allowing renewals on items that have holds and we
> want to do that.  In 25 words or less, can anyone tell me what we're doing
> wrong?  Thanks so much!  :-)
> Mary Toma
> South Central Regional Library
> 160 Main Street
> Box 1540
> Winkler, MB R6W 4B4
> 204-325-5864 
> 204-822-4092
> scrlheadlib at mts.net

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