[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Issue with Closed Stacks and reference books for Reading Room and not lending

Bas Otting b.otting at ppl.nl
Wed Mar 31 10:03:54 EDT 2010

Hello all,


At the Peace Palace Library we have Closed Stacks for all our works
which are either in-house reference material or can be borrowed.


Therefore: patrons or staff place a Hold, we need the Pull List for
Holds Requests mechanism for accessing our Closed Stacks and we need a
Circulation Policy rule that tells Evergreen that some works on the
Holds Shelf can actually be borrowed and others can not and are Reading
Rooms only.


Here is the issue: we can't figure out how to achieve this scenario (out
of the box Evergreen we did not tinker yet with Circulation
Policies or Circ Modifiers but forced  behaviour in the copy editor:



A copy item that has Circulate "No"  (for in-house only)  is Holdable
but does *not* appear on the Pull List. Dead end.

So: we tried Circulate "Yes" and then "Reference" is "Yes" - but to our
surprise, such an item can be checked out. Oops.


Anybody an idea how to tackle this ?


We realise Evergreen has its roots in an Open Stacks environment but
even then patrons might inadvertently try to check out an item marked
"Reference" ? Really hope there is a solution combinable with a Closed
Stacks situation.


Kind regards,


Bas Otting

Peace Palace Library


Carnegieplein 2

2517 KJ Den Haag

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