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Sharp, Chris csharp at georgialibraries.org
Tue Oct 30 12:51:10 EDT 2012

Yes, we have confirmed that Safari 6 on Mac OS X and Safari on iOS 6 do not work with the JSPAC.  We are recommending alternative browsers (Firefox or Chrome on Mac OS X, Chrome or Opera on iOS 6) until we're able to upgrade to a version that can run TPAC.

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> Hi James:
> On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 04:32:22PM +0000, James Wagner wrote:
> > I've had several patrons come into the library saying they couldn't
> > access their accounts from their Apple products. Two have been
> > using Safari on their computers, one person was using an iPad 2
> > (upgraded to 3?), and another person was using their iPhone. The
> > problem is that Evergreen is not showing them the login screen, so
> > they can't put items on hold or see their account information.
> > Could this be an authentication issue?
> > 
> > Unfortunately, this is not a universal problem. One of my staff
> > used her iPod to log into her account and renew a book, this
> > morning. Her iPod is several years old. Could there be something
> > about newer Apple software that doesn't play nicely with
> > Evergreen?
> > 
> > We started getting the complaints shortly after we upgraded from
> > 2.2.1 to 2.2.2.
> I noticed you're still using the JSPAC, which has huge amounts of
> JavaScript and is quite fragile as a result... that's why we switched
> to
> the TPAC as the recommended catalogue as of Evergreen 2.3 (and will
> be
> removing the JSPAC entirely in 2.4). You do have a version of the
> on 2.2 ( https://lincoln.niagaraevergreen.ca/eg/opac/home ) but it is
> rather limited in functionality in comparison to the 2.3 edition.
> I'm wondering if the problems you're seeing have more to do with
> upgrades to iOS and OS X that might have rolled out at the same time
> as
> your Evergreen 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2 upgrade. One of the major problems with
> the JSPAC is that we're using a version of a JavaScript library that
> dates back several years ans thus doesn't know about the quirks (or
> even
> the existence of) new browser versions. I know that IE 10 breaks on
> the
> JSPAC as well, probably due to the JavaScript library not knowing how
> to
> deal with a two-digit version number for IE.

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