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Kathy Lussier klussier at masslnc.org
Fri Aug 29 14:05:40 EDT 2014

Hi Michael,

Dan Scott wrote an excellent post about this years ago for 1.6 that is 
still applicable to current releases of Evergreen - 

Just a note that the search.relevance_ranking table he mentions early in 
the post is something our consortia do not turn on due to performance 
issues that arose in 2.0. However, the rest of the blog post on how to 
weight indexes is something we've done in two of our consortia.


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On 8/29/2014 1:42 PM, Michael Schell wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've searched markmail so forgive me if this has been discussed 
> before.  When I do a keyword search in our catalogue is there a way to 
> have it weight the title higher than other keywords.  For example if I 
> do a keyword search for 'The Replacements' the first page of results 
> shows "The Replacement Wife" as the 1st result, 8 results that don't 
> have replacement in the title and then the 10th result (what I was 
> actually looking for) is 'The Replacements'. link here 
> <http://forterie.niagaraevergreen.ca/eg/opac/results?query=the+replacements&qtype=keyword&fi%3Asearch_format=&locg=108>
> So what is the best way to get 'The Replacements' to the top of that 
> list for a keyword search?
> Thanks,
> Michael Schell
> Systems Administrator
> Fort Erie Public Library
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> mschell at fepl.ca <mailto:mschell at fepl.ca>
> www.fepl.ca <http://www.fepl.ca>

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