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My library system migrated to Evergreen in January as part of the Missouri
Evergreen consortia. We recently have been looking into a mobile app for our
OPAC that will work with iPhones and other Apple mobile devices. I was
surprised to learn that there doesn't appear to be an open source mobile app
available for the Evergreen OPAC. I can hardly believe it with the rapid
growth of mobile devices. 


Boopsie will design our library a mobile app for $5,000, plus a $12,000
annual maintenance fee (every year). I thought that seemed high. I also
thought that if we were going to spend that much money, I would rather spend
it on funding an open course version that everyone can use and may not
require as much money for future maintenance costs. 


Am I missing something? Is there an open source mobile app available for
Evergreen's OPAC for iPhones and other Apple mobile devices (or any type of
mobile device)? Is there something already being worked on?







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