[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Importing authority record via Z39.50

Cerninakova Eva cernin at jabok.cz
Tue Mar 24 08:05:32 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I would like to ask you for comments or Ideas in following problem:

We are planing implementation of Czech nation authorities in our Evergreen
 at the time. Considering various workflow scenarios we discovered that in
some cases the most convenient workflow  would be for us importing single
authority record via Z39.50.

Is there a way to save record imported to Evergreen via Z39.50 as authority

I made some test and imported authority records from Czech National
authority database to Evergreen. I did not have a problem importing those
records via Z39.50, but unfortunately the imported records were saved as
bibliographic, NOT as authority  records . This meant such records did not
appear in authority list (in „manage authorities" interface)  likewise they
were not visible for searching and applying to bibliographic record (when
editing bibliographic MARC record). Although the imported authority records
are labeled as !Record type: AUT" (in MARC editor),  I have noticed, that
there is value "biblio" in subfield  901 $ t. I tried to change the value
to  „authority“, but after saving record  the value was always back to

Have I missed something (e.g.. some necessary settings) or it is impossible
in Evergreen to save record imported via Z39.50 as authority record ?

I will really appreciate your ideas.

Thanks a lot.


Mgr. Eva Cerniňáková
cernin at jabok.cz
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