[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Web Client - Z39.50 Interface

Jeanette Lundgren jlundgren at cwmars.org
Mon Feb 5 11:56:39 EST 2018

Hi everyone,

We've received some feedback from a few of our libraries that use Z39.50 in
Evergreen that the 3.0 Z39.50 Query form takes up too much vertical space
and requires a lot of scrolling.  We were thinking that it might be
worthwhile to model this screen after the patron search screen which uses a
more horizontal layout.

Some advantages of the patron search screen
- Stack fields horizontally - less vertical scrolling
- list field names inside boxes - less horizontal space
- Ability to add a tab for services and credentials information
- Move search button to top row of query form
- Make a minimized query option available (allow top row to remain)

In addition we may want to add vertical checkboxes for configured services
to top of query form to allow users to easily check/uncheck services and
run/rerun searches

I wanted to ask the community for feedback as this would change the
look/feel of the current Z39.50 interface.

Thanks for your thoughts!




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