[Eg-oversight-board] Conference Update

Grace Dunbar gdunbar at equinoxinitiative.org
Thu Mar 16 12:36:35 EDT 2017

The conference is coming together nicely.
We do have two things for EOB vote.
The new budget with variance is attached.
There are significant changes in
*the projected revenue (adjusted down by $32,000).
*the projected miscellaneous fees (adjusted down by $2,000)
*the projected fees for food service/Paypal/conservancy (adjusted down by
*the projected fees for catering (adjusted down by $8,000)

This still has the conference projected for a $3,000 profit.
Will the Board approve the new budget?

Also, one of the sponsorships this year was to sponsor merchandise. This
would allow the Outreach committee to purchase Evergreen themed items in
advance and sell them at the conference.  The end goal is to actually
*make* money on this sponsorship by selling the products.  The total for
the products selected by the outreach committee including estimated tax and
shipping is $3,450.  The sponsorship was for $3,500.  Will the Board
approve the SFC to purchase the merchandise items for resale at the
Evergreen conference?

(Themed items include: a lovely coffee mug, a fabulous knit cap, a
commemorative conference pin, an adorable notebook, and men's and women's
Evergreen "MARC/irc" quote t-shirts.)
These will be on sale in the exhibits area Thursday/Fri/Sat until we sell
out!  (cash or check only)


Grace Dunbar
Vice President
Equinox Open Library Initiative <http://EquinoxInitiative.org>
Grace at EquinoxInitiative.org
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